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2015 Holiday Party

Yes, it’s that time of year – time for cavalier puppies to dress in their holiday finest and come celebrate with all they cavie friends! Food, drinks and prizes will be available, but you must be present to win. Looking forward to seeing you there!

DFW CKCSC Social with Sandra Larson, Animal Communicator

The DFW Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club is having a SPECIAL party on Sunday, September 13, with Animal Communicator Sandra Larson. Hope to see you there!

Some Topical Products May Be Dangerous to Your Pets

For some reason, many dogs and even cats enjoy licking lotions and other types of topical products off their human’s skin.  And dogs seem especially intent on having a lick if the product has a yummy smell, for example, vanilla scented body lotion or coconut oil-based products. via Some Topical Products May Be Dangerous to […]

Dry Eye Syndrome and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Many cavalier King Charles spaniels suffer from a painful genetic disorder called dry eye syndrome (keratitis sicca or keratoconjunctivitis sicca — KCS),  according to the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO).  Research studies have shown that cavaliers are more pre-disposed to KCS — at a relative risk of 11.5% — than any other breed. via […]


The Dallas Fort Worth Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club is the official AKC recognized Speciality club for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the greater Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex (Dallas and Tarrant County) in North Texas since 2007. The club is an AKC sanctioned Speciality Club at the A-match level working toward AKC Licensure. As a conformation club dedicated to the well being of the CKCS breed, we strive to reach out to the entire Cavalier community with educational seminars, socials and health clinics.

Associate membership is open to all individuals who own Cavalier King Charles Spaniels or would like to learn more about Cavaliers and the sport of AKC dog shows.
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Service Times & Directions

Weekend Masses in English

Saturday Morning: 8:00 am

Saturday Vigil: 4:30 pm

Sunday: 7:30 am, 9:00 am, 10:45 am,
12:30 pm, 5:30 pm

Weekend Masses In Español

Saturday Vigil: 6:15pm

Sunday: 9:00am, 7:15pm

Weekday Morning Masses

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 8:30 am

6654 Main Street
Wonderland, AK 45202
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